Shadow Dolphin platformer in progress

So a little primer, Shadow Dolphin is my first real attempt at a game. It is planned to be a tower climber type platformer. Featuring a Olph the dolphin with shadow magic. You climb towers to commune with the moon.

Here is a gif of my progress so far on Shadow Dolphin


Really just been getting the animation and the movement of the character to a place I like so far. The current tile map is a place holder I came up with. I think I need to shrink to a smaller tile size for my tile maps to get the sort of detail I am looking for. Next up to give Olph the ability to generate bubbles.

Thanks for taking a look :slight_smile:


put in some sold hours over the last few days and managed to get my bubble mechanic roughly in, basically ever aspect of it still needs to be tweaked but just playing with the bubbles and how they flow when you run through them makes me think I am on to something with this as the sort of main movement gimmick.


also you can now duck inside your hat


Some more baby steps this week, added in a shoot animation, a bounce animation and trying out a black hat. The bubbles now pop on there own using a preformAfterDelay frametimer.


Next up is getting a system in place to limit shoot speed and I think I might try out a hold down to charge up super jump mario 2 style.



Showing off some moon coins and now the bubble has a cooldown where you can't shoot again until the animation completes. I think I need to tweak things as usual as I want people to be a do that little switch back double bubble jump a bit easier. People will basically be able to chain infinite bubble jumps but its hard to get where you want to doing it so I think it will be a nice element to the game. Probably time to actually build out a full level to test mechanics on.

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