Share your tricks for the Pulp music editor

Hello everyone!
I wanted to create a thread about tricks and workarounds for the Pulp music editor
Feel free to share your own discoveries in this thread too!

A way to create multiple notes playing at once in the same channel (for chords):
If you create an arpeggio and increase the sustain (varies per BPM, 0.2 works nicely for 300 BPM i think), you can play multiple notes in a channel simultaneously, perfect for a lot of situations


I wanted to crank the BPM way up and do some math as a trick to get more subdivisions for a song, but it seems the editor caps the BPM at some point. Is there a way to tell what is the max BPM that the song editor will recognize?

Just discovered having the Sine voice down in the 0 octave range and little sustain is working for me as a good little kick drum sound.

I love using the noise engine as a drum synth. Sine seems to work best for bass/low end to my ear.

Here are some examples from the port I'm working on. Really wish they would expand the length limit, but I'm able to do quite a bit with the limited tools/space avialable.

...also, I love writing these little chip tunes. If anyone is looking for some pro-bono composition support, I'd love to do more of this in my spare time.
music (3.2 KB)


Not sure if this is considered as a bug. You can drag long notes while pressing alt (duplicate) and create a harmony. The notes can't be triggered at the same time though.


An example: (911 Bytes)

That's interesting. I was under the impression that this was probably a bug. I've been getting harmonies with just cranking the release haha

Here's a little live session where I show how to make a little sketchy theme in less than five with pulp.

copy paste is one of the answer
music editor also go to the last not in term of size of one part in the partition area...