Shmup! - Space Force

I'm working on a space shooter game that is currently a close copy of the old Sega Master System game Astro Warrior. I plan on changing it up from what it is now to be more of its own, but I'm using Astro Warrior as a template as I'm learning to develop on the Playdate. I thought I'd share a little of what I've built so far.

Space Force


Shmups are among my favorite kind of games. I am so excited to play this!!! Let me know if you need/want any music for it.

Edit: Also, Astro Warrior rules!

Here's an update to Space Force. I've added additional enemies and finished the first level. I've got a few more things to add, but I should have something for you all to test in a couple of weeks.



Looks great Benjamin!! We for sure need more shmups on PD so this will be fun to try out!

That's really well done! Reminds me of stacking quarters on the Galaga game (to reserve a place in line to play) back in the early 80's.

I love shmups!! Looks very promising ^^

I thought I'd share an update on Space Force. It became tedious building the levels by hand, so I thought it would be fun to build a level editor. I'm adding the ability for anyone playing the game to play the built-in levels or create levels of their own. Here's a gif of the level editor WIP. I've still got a few things to finish, but it's not too far from being complete.



OMG this is great addition! How far will the editor go for making levels? Like can we bring in our own sprites?

this is amazing, I thought I couldn't be more excited for this but I am!