Sidebar output in Nova missing when using Playdate Simulator as build task

When build a project with a mix of C and Lua and using a basic Build task in Nova, I'm able to see the build errors parsed and displayed in the left sidebar:
Capture d’écran 2022-04-27 à 12.46.43
but when using the Playdate Simulator extension as the build task, any build errors are not parsed anymore.

Am I missing some configuration step here?


To be clear the Lua errors do show up in the sidebar when using the Simulator extension in Nova, just not the C/make errors.

It does look like it's the Playdate simulator task in Nova that's not doing the right thing here. I now have the same project with two different actions, one is the Playdate Simulator from the Nova extension, the other one is a simple build task using make.

The make taks catches both C and Lua build errors into the sidebar, the other task only catches Lua errors.

If anyone else uses Nova and has a project with mixed C + Lua, can you tell me if you can see your C build errors in the sidebar or just in a report opened in a tab?


I contacted support for Nova and they seems to think this is a bug in the playdate simulator or the nova extension. They suggested to move the thread here.

I'm adding a could of screenshot to show the same error, as seen with one build task and then the other. Hopefully this makes it easier to understand what I mean.