Sideload appears to use app name to identify unique applications

What I expected:
I would have expected the bundleId to uniquely identify applications.

Background / more details:
I (unknowingly) developed a toy/tool/app with the same name as one that already existed (crank-a-sketch), and today when I discovered the other one, I uploaded it to the Sideload site. Both on the Sideload list of applications as well as on-device, the other application appears to be the same application as mine, just a different build.

On the device, "Updating" it overwrote my existing one. (Despite the new build having a lower "version" number.) But this I can probably accept, since it's probably just using the upload date.

I'm quite sure the bundle ids are not the same.

Why I think this should get fixed:
Obviously, for me, this is not a huge deal. I will be changing the name of my app anyway, since mine was not first... but I could imagine a scenario where there are multiple apps with simple names, and the side load interface should probably not confuse them, I feel.


Thanks for the report. It's not that the bundle ID is being ignored, it's that internally we have to alter the bundle ID for sideloaded games to make them globally unique (to avoid potential conflicts with season games or between unaffiliated developers), but we're accidentally not making them quite unique enough. We'll fix it!

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