Sideload Page Drag / drop bug on windows and potentially other browsers / os'es due not checking all possible mime types


I had this issue on windows 11 pro using chrome where the dragging & dropping a file does not work, it will always say invalid file type, however selecting the same file manually using the common dialog does work.


It would seem the problem is this piece of code in the drop event handler:


It only checks one specific mime type... But apparently on windows "application/x-zip-compressed" is used as you can see in this screenshot where i had set a breakpoint

You guys should check on at least this extra mime type and potentially a few others when looking at the list here for mime types that could be used for a zip file

( drag-and-drop worked for me a day ago on Mac Safari FWIW.)

check stack over flow i linked "application/x-zip-compressed" is used on windows if application (chrome in this case) does not provide own mime types database it will use mime types defined on os level which in windows is "application/x-zip-compressed" for zip