Sideload website cacheing game name / author

The Playdate website tab that's used for sideloading seems to keep some sort of cache for naming of uploaded PDX files? For example:

Many weeks ago a first PDX test was uploaded, where I then realized that the Playdate system font does not display certain unique characters (in my case, í and ó).

Since that initial upload, subsequent uploads and updates (with the name changed to use the standard i and o) still seem to retain the original name and numerical author? If it's relevant, I think that initial upload test may not have included a pdxinfo file at all, but I can't recall.

This wouldn't be such a major issue if it's just how it displays on the sideload website, but the device itself also reflects this cached name, and in my specific case looks quite unprofessional to the end player if they're downloading something titled "B�ot�pico by 3060474708422919."

If the game is installed, it looks correct and reflects the details in my pdxinfo file:

If the game is uninstalled, it immediately switches its text display upon uninstalling and looks like this:

Regardless of any of that, even after deleting many times, the name on the sideload site continues to retain the unique characters, which aren't located anywhere in my PDX name or pdxinfo file:

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 20.32.49

Sorry for the lengthy post, hopefully this is clear enough to follow !

Just wanted to stop in and give a +1 to this. I've experienced similar things when changing the name/author of my game, which is a fairly typical process when going from a prototype to a final game.

Ideally that cache would be updated for each new version.

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Thanks for the reports — we've identified the issue and hope to have a fix rolled out sometime next week.

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Thanks a lot Dan ! :raised_hands:t5: