Sideloaded game detail page should show name/author for all builds, not just the latest one

I just ran into a bundle ID collision where I sideloaded two games from itch by different developers that accidentally used the same bundle ID – “com.organization.package”, which I guess must have been the default in some template they both used.

The resulting issue was that the newer game hijacked the older one’s entry on the sideload website, replacing the older game’s name, author, and card image. When I opened the site to try to figure out why my Playdate wasn’t seeing the new game, the older game was gone from the page, it only showed the new game with a mysterious “older version” in the build history. I ended up deleting the “older build” in confusion, without realizing it was actually an entirely different game. Now I’m not even sure what game I deleted, because its info was gone from the sideload site.

If the detail page had showed the game title and author for each older build, it would have immediately been clear what happened. I think showing the title/author for all builds on the game detail page (or at least providing a disclosure triangle or button to see it) would:

  1. make it clear to users if a game’s title or author name is changed in an update, and
  2. at least let users see what happened if a developer either accidentally or maliciously causes a bundle ID collision

I'll pass this onto the team, thanks for the feedback!


Sorry for a harsh response, but IMHO the bundle id collision is the problem here. I wouldn't bloat the firmware with workarounds.

I would contact the developers, this can be a valuable lesson on why it is important to follow coding practices


In this case where both devs appear to have used some default/template bundle id, yes, but there also exists the potential malicious case where one dev uses a good, unique bundle id that gets duplicated by a malefactor.

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I just meant on the sideload website where it already shows past versions. I don’t think the firmware would need to change.

I did leave a comment on the game’s itch page before I started this thread, but they haven’t responded. Shame, because their screenshots make it look fairly polished otherwise.


Maybe bundle IDs should be registered to an email address.

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Clashing bundle IDs hurting me today trying to sideload the PlayJam 4 games.

That's three different games with the same ID overwriting each other!


  • Prevent or warn on sideloading with default bundleID=com.organization.package
  • Warn if sideloading with a matching bundleID but non-matching game title.