Simple Drum kit app

Realy getting into the idea of a playdate band and need some more live music apps.
so I made a quick silly drum app.

I put it up on itch in its very basic state

Left = snare
Right = base tom
Up = high tom
Down = kick
A = crash
B = high hat, tilt left for close, right for open
Crank clockwise = for random tom noises
Crank anti-clockwise = for snare, kinda drumroll (in next update)

Another dev had a play and posted it on twitter

Im happy with how its turning out so far and how playable it is already.

Planned features:
-more visual feedback when drums are hit, gona make sprites that are a bit bigger to show impact.
-add open/closed high hat sprites to show what noise your gona make (done)
-change logic order to make symbol more responsive (next update)(done)
-update crash symbol sound
-add cowbell and removed tom?
-add wrapping paper(done)
-add card animation
-add launch animation
-randomise the arm flip for left and right and random angle to look more chaotic?

What youz think , should we get a band together?
Hurdy gurdy app is coming along too but is more complex than this


I wasn't sure if the accelerometer would be responsive enough for this, but it works pretty well (despite my crappy timing). So here's an idea for another control. :slight_smile:

kick ="KickDrum")
snare ="SnareDrum")



local wait = 0

function play(sample)
	wait = HOLDOFF

function playdate.update()
	local x,y,z = playdate.readAccelerometer()
	if wait == 0 then
		if z > THRESHOLD or z < -THRESHOLD then play(kick) end
		if x > THRESHOLD or x < -THRESHOLD then play(snare) end
		wait -= 1

very cool to do full gesture controlls, 2 playdates , one for each stick?
Was also thinking that new instroiment the glide or somthing could be done in a limilar way with 2 playdates wired together through serial or a theremin, france horn already has that kinda theremin feel but not with volume controll

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Iv updated the app to add visual open and closed high hat and wrapping paper.
There is cuarntly a bug where it makes thins gritty sound when u play open hat and kick together, dono why but i realy like how gritty it sounds so gona leave it or now.

Ai also added the drums sequencer sdk example to the itch page as a bonus download, is this ok? I know i diidnt make it and try to make it clear i didint on the page. Just wonder what u guys think and if the sdk licences permit it. I was just surprised noone else had shared it on itch ye coz its a great little tool


This is brilliant! Works very well.