Simple tool for checking synth sounds on device

Simple tool to check how the built-in synth will actually sound on device

It was very helpful for me since I use only synthesised audio in my games

You can fiddle with Pitch, ADSR, as well as Soundwave

How to use:

Crank to change the pitch

Crank+B -> step
Crank+A -> length

Crank+Left -> attack
Crank+Up -> sustain
Crank+Right -> decay
Crank+Down -> release

Go to menu to change the soundwave (9.5 KB)


This is very helpful. Would you mind releasing the source code for this? I am trying to debug sound effects inconsistencies in pulp-to-lua and it would be very helpful to compare.

Edit: I think I just found the bug. It seems sustain doesn't work if specified through playdate.sound.synth:setADSR or playdate.sound.synth:setSustain, but it does work through I'll submit a bug report.

@NaOH (2.1 KB)
Here's the code, sorry it's not pretty ))


This is great! thanks!

Amazing little tool, saved me a bunch of time. I know essentially nothing about synths and was on the brink of plugging in values at random until I got something that worked but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have found the parameters I was looking for without being able to play around quickly with this.


This rules, great work!