Simulator 1.9.0 crashes upon checking for update

Upon trying to check for a new SDK update from the 1.9.0 Playdate Simulator, it crashes.

System: macOS 12.2
SDK: 1.9.0

Steps to reproduce:

  • Select the menu Playdate Simulator > Check for SDK Updates...
  • Simulator then crashes. Tried this multiple times and it crashes each time.

All versions since 1.9.0 do the same to me, 1.9.0 is the first version I have used.

macOS 12.2.1

FWIW, I've had no crashes like that. I'm on MacOS 12.2.1 too. Simulator 1.9.0, 1.9.1, and 1.9.2 have all been able to check for updates without crashing.

More details in case it helps narrow down why some people DO have this crash:
I'm on Apple Silicon
iCloud Private Relay enabled
Pause Simulator When Not Active DISabled

All same as mine. Do you ever mess with anything in the folder? Iā€™m wondering if that might have something to do with it.

No, I didn't, and I left it where it was installed: a "PlaydateSDK" folder within a "Developer" folder (which I don't think existed before I installed this?) in my user home folder.

So maybe that's a factor.

We are looking into a crash on M1 Macs when checking for updates; thanks for the report.

fyi I do not have this crash anymore on 1.9.3.

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Confirmed. I manually downloaded 1.9.3 and the crashes have been resolved.