Simulator and on-device game crashing when calling sampleplayer:play(number, number)

I received a user report that my program was crashing on device when using the crank (it's Orrery: Orrery by robotinker). I don't have working hardware right now, so I wasn't able to verify the behavior on device. However after updating my Playdate SDK to 1.12.1, I noticed that the simulator was crashing when trying to use the crank with my project. After removing all the code associated with crank behavior and selectively re-adding it a line at a time I found that the simulator (and presumably the application) will crash on Windows when calling sampleplayer:play() with 2 arguments but not with 1 argument.

To repro:

  1. Make sure your SDK version is 1.12.1
  2. Somewhere in your code try to call sampleplayer:play(1, 2)
  3. Observe the crash

Calling sampleplayer:play(1) with the above repro steps avoids the crash.

I'm not able to reproduce this with just the given steps. Can you provide one of the sound files you're seeing the crash with, and as much of the relevant code as you're comfortable sharing? Private message is fine. Thanks!

I'm too new of a user to upload attachments, but you can find my test project here: Dropbox - PlaydateSoundCrash - Simplify your life

Thanks, we'll take a look. (Also I adjusted your account so you can post attachments now — sorry about that! Anti-spam measure.)