Simulator Console won't open

Windows, 1.13.3 (though this has sometimes happened on earlier versions)

I updated my SDK and now I can't get the Console to open. I've done combinations of rebooting/uninstalling/reinstalling/going back to 1.13.2, etc. and still can't get a Console.

This has happened occasionally in the past, and back then the Console would mysteriously start coming back again at some point. It's currently stuck at 'no Console' and I really need it to come back... frustrating.

Are you sure it's not showing up off screen? The checkmark shows it's open...someplace. :slight_smile: The easiest thing to do to try and fix it showing up off screen is simply deleting your preferences folder in /your folder/AppData/Local/Playdate Simulator . After doing that, let us know if you continue to have issues.

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No idea if it was off (one of my 3) screen(s).

But deleting the ../local/Playdate Simulator folder put things right again.

Thanks much! :slight_smile: