Simulator crank is jumpy/discontinuous when scrolling

When I use touch-based scrolling to control the simulator’s crank, the simulated crank jumps by a fixed number of degrees with pauses in between, rather than moving smoothly. This is a fairly minor issue for me because it can be avoided by clicking and dragging on the simulator’s crank indicator, and might be specific to MacOS. That said, scrolling is much easier for me to use when testing a game, and it would be nice if both ways of cranking in the simulator would produce input that closely matches what is possible on the real Playdate device. (Edit: somehow I hadn’t really noticed the “Use device as controller” option which is yet another way to get smooth input)

SDK 1.12.2, MacOS 12.5, M1. I can recreate this behavior with my MacBook Air’s built in trackpad, an external apple trackpad, and a Magic Mouse, all of which scroll smoothly & continuously in other apps.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch the Simulator
  2. Navigate to Settings > System > Input Test on the simulated Playdate
  3. Open the simulator's “Crank and accelerometer” panel
  4. With the mouse cursor anywhere in the simulator’s window, scroll up or down using two fingers on an apple trackpad or one finger on a magic mouse

Expected results: the simulated crank movement should be 1:1 with the user’s scroll input. The input test should show a non-zero crank delta for every frame as long as the user keeps scrolling.

Actual result: when scrolling, the simulated crank jumps in fixed increments of exactly 3.6 degrees. The input test’s crank delta snaps back to zero between jumps (roughly every other frame).

Screen recording demonstrating click-and-drag cranking (smooth) and then scroll-to-crank (jumpy/discontinuous)

There's yet another way: if you double-click the crank control, it locks the mouse pointer and you can just move in a straight line (horizontally or vertically). Click again to unlock.

But we'll see if we can improve the resolution when using scroll gestures too. Thanks for bringing it up!


Amazing, that works perfectly for my needs. Thanks!

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