Simulator crashes if too many leaderboard requests are made

I'm working on the Generations build for Catalog which includes leader board API integration along with some other UI polish. While testing a new transition from launch to the main game menu, the simulator was repeatedly crashing. This is the simulator itself crashing, not the game. You've probably about 20 or 30 crash reports from me just this afternoon.

I'm requesting leader board data up front, so presumably each time I built to the simulator another request was queued up. It doesn't take long for the simulator to crash. This is also reproducible by reloading the game with cmd+r several times.

I'm able to reproduce this on the 1.13.6, 1.13.7 and 2.0 beta simulators, and not requesting leader boards solves the issue.

I'm on an M1 running Ventura 13.3.1 if that's helpful.

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The Wifi API in the Simulator with crash when going in/out of a game. That is a known issue/limitation and only happens in the Simulator (not on device).