Simulator Debug Menu Button / Savestates

It would be nice if the simulator had an extra button to open up a debug menu or otherwise activate debug functionality.

For example, a developer might want a menu to turn off collision detection, activate invincibility, or select the stage for testing purposes. Sometimes there is a bug that is in a really specific place, and it is not efficient to play the game from the start to get there.

Savestates would also be nice.

EDIT: An alternative is to support an entire second "debug" controller on the simulator. I suppose supporting a USB-C controller on hardware for debugging would be ideal, but I do not expect that.

Note that you can use any keyboard button you want in the Simulator; see Inside Playdate. You could press D or something to pull up your debug menu.

Another option is to pause the game and then change your variables directly using the Console.

Re: save states, see Inside Playdate.

Thank you much. It sounds like this is another issue where the C API has fewer details than the Pulp documentation.

To be clear, the C API must get key events for debugging through the eventHandler()? It sounds like savestate functionality could be built with key events and standard game state serialization.

C vs Lua docs. It's true a lot of stuff is only in the Lua docs.

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