Simulator Freezes on Registration

After installing the latest SDK 2.4.1, I tried to register the Playdate Simulator for Windows again but it just freezes up after submitting the access code and I can't even close the dialog box. The circular progress icon continues to spin endlessly. There's no error message. I had to terminate the program from Task Manager.

It appears to be working now, please try again and let us know if you continue to have issues.

I'm afraid it still isn't working. I tried removing the previous registration and register a new one but still the same problem.

Same issue with SDK 2.4.2.

FWIW Registering Simulator is only really needed if you're testing Catalog score boards.

It's still working here. Do you have some sort of outbound firewall rules that would be blocking this connection? As Matt said, registering is not necessary unless working on the scoreboard API.

One more thing, have you set up a wifi network on the Sim? E.g. test1/test1.

When I try to connect to connect to the test1 network I'm getting infinite screen with "Connecting..." sign. Also having an issue with registering the simulator.

Are you also on Windows? Do you have an any VM software installed by chance? You could be running in to this: Simulator can bind itself to wrong network adaptor (on windows) making registering the simulator always fail

Hey, yes, I am running on Windows and yes, I have virtual box installed. I checked the simulator IP address and it was indeed using the IP of the second network adapter which was created and managed by the virtual box. I disabled this network adapter and tried again and it connected instantly.

This also fixed the issue with the simulator registration process.

Thanks for the help!

@willco for whats its worth this user also had same issue as me and i still have to disable my vm nics to make it be able to communicate, Can't register sim and he also fixed it by disabling the adaptors from a vm or any others besides your real nic that connects to the internet, restarting sim, connecting to a fake wifi (in sim like test1/test1) and only then trying to register the sim