Simulator: more efficient game upload to device

This is a follow-up for Pdc does not retain timestamps of files when copying them from source to pdx

Now that pdc retains timestamps of source files when generating a pdx, this can be used by the simulator to improve transfer speeds to device

  • use rsync or similar behavior to only upload files which differ between device and development workstation.
  • Reduce time spent waiting for data disk to (un)mount and running the game. Perhaps increase the polling rate?
  • use a blocklist to prevent files to be uploaded which are used by simulator only. For my current C project, the majority of time is spent transferring dylib and dSym files

This script is much faster than simulator in running the game after transfer, and can be used as inspiration:

Note the comment in the script about the --size-only parameter. This was needed because timetstamp info was not available. Now that it is fixed, it should be possible to remove this argument


Thanks for the report; we've had an issue open to address this for a while but it's been a low priority. I'll see if I can loop back around soon and get to it. Thanks again!

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