Snakes, a game made with Pulp

Hi everyone, just wanted to share my second Pulp game: Snakes. It's a straightforward puzzle game - collect all the gold bars in each room to open the door. You can't backtrack where you've previously moved, so you need to plan each move carefully. If you get stuck you can reset the level with the A button.

It does have an ending, and it's not very long. Let me know what you think!


This is great! Straightforward concept, easy controls. I think you did a really great job of ramping up the difficulty as the game went on. I also really dig the music.

A couple areas to improve:

  • I occasionally got disoriented and had a hard time finding my character when I'd land in a new room, especially on the later, more complex levels. Maybe always start the player in a square outside the normal rectangle?
  • There's a bug where if I tell the character to move in a direction it can't, the square behind them will turn into a snake, even if it's gold (or a wall). Which means I can beat the 1st level without getting any gold, for example:


But yeah, all in all, this was a short fun puzzler. Well done. :tada:

Thank you for playing it and for the feedback! I definitely need to address the bug where a snake always replaces a tile. Someone mentioned that about the game on Discord too. I'll fix these things up, thanks again!

Update: I fixed the bug where snakes spawn and replace the collectible items and solid tiles. I’ll try to think of a way to spawn the player in a way that makes it easier to spot next.