Snapshot or export feature for Sampler

I've been doing a lot of performance testing, and usually I can just eyeball the Sampler or graphs in Device Info. However sometimes I want to actually quantify the delta to see how effective my optimizations are. Usually I resort adding timers in code, but it would be nice if the tooling supported this!

My two ideas for this are:

  1. Add a snapshot feature to the Sampler, and allow two snapshots to be compared similar to Unity's Profile Analyzer. Screenshot for quick reference:
  2. Add an option to export data, so that it could fed it into another tool for analysis to accomplish #1.

In the Mac sim there's an "Export..." button in the lower right of the Sampler window that writes the sample data to disk. I don't have a Windows or Linux machine to test on, but I don't see anything like that in the source code over there. I'll ask Will to check that out.

As for adding something like the above in the simulator.. I did start on a comparison tool back when I first implemented the simulator, where you could select one range in the timeline, hold option/alt and select a different range and it'd compare the two. I'm not entirely sure why I never finished that, if it was a distraction from more important work or I ran into a UI dead end. Probably a bit of both. I'll see about revisiting that, see if it's worth the trouble.

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Ahhh, looks like the Windows version is missing it then - unless I'm blind :see_no_evil:

I'll keep an eye on the change logs, thanks for the update!

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