Song looping issues

After accidentally turning off looping for one of my songs, I can no longer get looping to turn back on for any of my songs! Any thoughts on what I should do?

Loop is a very overloaded word Pulp so apologies in advance for the confusion. In the editor Songs can loop, the visible section of Notes can loop, there’s an optional loop point, and finally there’s the loop function in PulpScript.:sweat_smile:

The button to loop the current Song in the editor is in the top right corner, between the Songs dropdown menu and the Play button (or press R on the keyboard to toggle it on and off). The button for Notes is in the same position over the piano roll (Shift+R to toggle this one). The button to set a loop point is in the middle above the Arrangement bar, in a group of three other buttons (split, join, and set loop point). The playhead can’t be on the first beat of the song or it will be disabled (press M to toggle the loop point).

That was a lot. Hopefully it answers your question!