Song Volume - Pulp vs Playdate Simulator

I'm in the final stages of developing a Playdate game using Pulp. I don't have my Playdate yet (counting down the days till Group 3 announcement!), and have been playtesting using my browser this whole time.

I decided to download the SDK just so I could test everything inside of the Playdate Simulator. I started to play my game, and I found that the mix of the songs sounds very different. Comparing Pulp in browser and the Playdate Simulator, some instruments hardly come through at all, while some sound loud and overpowering.

Does anyone know why there would be this disparity in the mix between the two? And for people that have a Playdate, which is more accurate to how the Playdate actually sounds?


I don’t think either are accurate, but I would say the Simulator is more accurate. But, not enough really.

Until you get your device, my recommendation is tone down the volume levels for each channel, especially the noise and to a lesser degree square. Maybe down to 0.50 to start with.

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