Soothsayer: The Oraclepus knows All (In Development)

Hi everyone!

Here's a look at my second Pulp game Soothsayer: the Oraclepus knows All.
My first game made in Pulp is Reach the Ocean. :turtle: :octopus: :shell:

Here's a behind the scene video for Soothsayer I posted with some voice acting.
Soothsayer: Private Conversation?

Game # 2 is much bigger than my first game and will be easier too. There are 2 game modes: Casual play where you can have access to the fortune cookie, tarot cards, tea leaf readings, ask the magic 8 ball pre-defined questions and fortune telling.

The second mode is story mode which continues from the true ending of Reach the Ocean.
There will be 18 levels (the level concepts are done, 3 are already in Pulp but with no coding just NPCs.)

  • How you answer or react in game will have an effect when you get to higher levels.
  • 7 Collectibles are needed to beat the game to see the true ending. With this one, I am looking at 4 endings: All items, 1/2 items, no items, join the villian's team.
  • I am testing a QTE section where you use the crank to run away from bad guys.
  • I am also lookin into doing turn based battles when you do encounter an enemy or a boss.

I am aiming to release the game February 2023. Magic 8-ball and Fortune cookie are 100% complete (coding and design). I am currently accepting fortune cookie fortunes. I currently have 67. For the Magic 8 ball, I have 34 possible answers already in Pulp (67 in all that will be put into future updates.) but only 7 questions.) That's all that really left for those parts of Soothsayer.

The actual definition of the 78 tarot cards are already in Pulp. I am adding a picture for each card and some may be animated.

One game over scenario is 100% complete. I have shown some screens in the Playdate Squad discord. I have to work on the other two scenarios. Tea leaves and the fortune reading are next.

This is quite an ambitious project but I want to see how far I can go with Pulp before I have to switch over to the SDK to make any future games. All comments and feedback are welcomed.


Here are two animated Tarot cards that will be in game that I posted on Twitter yesterday.
I had two designs for death. Jongjungbu liked this one and I went with it.
I'm still working on tweaking the animations and the other 76 cards. :sweat_smile: