Sound cracks when playing MP3 files

Since updating to SDK 12.0, I have been experiencing sound cracks when playing MP3 files.(It was playing correctly in SDK 11.x)

Is it just my Playdate device? How about you all? (378.9 KB)

Sorry I didn’t see this until now! Yes, we’ve got a fix for that in the next release, out soon.

Apologies for the trouble!

Thank you for your reply.
Looking forward to it!

Hi we’re getting this issue on the latest SDK on emulator and device also.

Okay, actually fixed this time. I have no idea what other bug I was referring to up there. :confused: The problem was we weren’t scaling the data correctly when we have to skip interpolation because we’re at the boundary of the data, so it pops every time it loops around the ring buffer. There’s still a bug there–we should be interpolating the values when we loop around there–but I’ll be very surprised if anyone can hear that. I’ll file that to fix some day…