Sparrow Solitaire - elegant mahjong solitaire with a Playdate spin

One of my abandoned prototypes is a mahjong solitaire game I call Sparrow Solitaire

the sound of the tiles hitting each other is likened to the sound of sparrows, and the Chinese name for sparrows was the original name for Mahjong

If any programmer wants to take this on please get in touch.

Already done

  • Lua code
    • Playdate SDK project
    • object-oriented, class-based
    • tile shuffle, layout and dealing
    • animation (not final)
  • Multiple tile-sets
    • Alphanumeric
    • Egyptian hieroglyphs
    • Emoji "classic" SoftBank-style
    • Mahjong tiles (eu, ja, us, zh)
    • Toki Pona hieroglyphs
  • Multiple background images
  • Sound effects (own creation)
  • Music (royalty free)

To do


  • I would continue to do the graphics, user interface
  • Game design would be collaborative
  • You would program the gameplay flow/logic and game modes
  • 50/50 revenue split when the game is sold on or in Catalog


tiles-menu   s3

s4   s2


Very cool... I don't think I'm quite yet confident enough in my Lua skills to volunteer, but I'm very interested !

This is now a collaboration between myself and @madvogel :tada:


It's been a while ...see you on 11th!



So by now you may have seen Sparrow Solitaire 1.0 released on Catalog on 11th April. WOOP!!!

We also just released v1.1 with a bunch more content, as we simply could not help ourselves. And that is pretty much it for this game.

But what a game!!! A perfect package of puzzles and pixels that will last you hundreds of hours.

I am supremely proud of what @madvogel and myself have achieved. We hope that it will inspire other developers to work together, and aim higher than you think is achievable.

We will revisit the code only to fix serious bugs (hopefully there are none remaining!? LOL) and to add Daily Leaderboard if Playdate's leaderboards gain the ability to be reset on a schedule at some point in the future.

Right now you can post your best times to social media (twitter/mastodon/clipboard) using the in-game Daily Layout QR code. #SparrowSolitaire

Have fun!




Congrats on the launch! I had sort of written it off as "not for me" but saw your recent Twitter thread about the 1.1 updates and thought I'd give it a go. Really charming implementation and very satisfying little puzzle which has become part of my daily routine before bed.
Really looking forward to reading your devlog as well now that I've played :smiley:


Also somewhat quietly announced is the Tile Workshop for building your own tile sets - either by combining existing tile sets or using your own artwork in part or in whole.