Spike II - The Great Emu War (OUT NOW!)


Spile II is a side-scroller shooter game where you shoot and reload using the crank. Equipped of your minigun, try to survive to the horde of emus who will do their best to catch you. Upgrade your gears, get better, get a higher score!


It's named Spike II - The Great Emu War, and it's kind of a spin-off of a small character from my other games.

You have an upgrade screen which makes the game easier with time.

The key is to use bullets wisely, and reload as soon as you aren't in danger (this isn't a good example but you get the idea :smiley: )

I'm planning to add power-ups, combos, leaderboards and bosses later, but the game is already in a good shape.

I have no idea how I'm going to release it (Catalog, Itch...), how much it will be, but I plan to finish the whole game before the end of the year.

I'm using NobleEngine and AnimatedSprite.

Thanks for looking, take care everyone! :slight_smile:


I love the universe! Looks really fun to play too.

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Hi! I got some new GIFs to share :slight_smile:

I shared an alpha build to testers a couple of weeks ago, and one feedback I got the most was: the game deserves a tutorial. Not because it's hard to play (turn ccw to shoot, turn cw to reload), but because it has to be explained somehow. So here it is, the game has a small tutorial now :smiley:


As you can imagine, difficulty is hard to define in this kind of game. Before starting the game, you can now select the difficulty. Some of them are unlocked at first :wink: My goal is to make a game for casual and hardcore gamers, a game that everyone can enjoyed during short sessions.


And that's all for now. For the next devlog, I plan to add some cool features in-game, and maybe a small boss!

Thanks for reading, have a good day! :slight_smile:

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This looks great, installing right now!
EDIT. Nevermind, I saw the itch.io link and thought it was already available :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi, thanks !
Sorry, the game isn't ready at the moment, it deserves some small modifications in the gameplay to be fully playable.
I'll share a version as soon as I think it's ready, and to be honest, it's almost done. Expect something before the end of the year :slight_smile:


I have a couple of new stuffs to share with you :slight_smile:

First: Key art is there!

It looks pretty cool on a real Playdate, I have to say :slight_smile:

Philip, who used to make the music of my games, did a couple of tracks for Spike II. I can't share an audio in here, feel free to check my twitter to hear how great it sounds!

Menus new version
The previous menus were a bit empty, I added a better visibility for the difficulty selection.


What's next?
Right now, I'm focusing on testing the game, making it fun and not too easy/hard to play.
I'll probably release an early access version of Spike II in November, keeping a couple of cool features for a nearby future. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, have a good day! :slight_smile:



This is probably the last devlog before releasing, so here it is :slight_smile:

New enemy!

Pelicans join the fight! They hold bombs and need to be take down before coming to Spike. Not so easy to do!



Right now, I'm mostly trying to adjust the difficulty of the game, to make it fun for casual players, and more and more difficult for hardcore gamers. It will be separated in 3: easy, medium, hard.

It's hard to share a GIF about it, it's simply a matter of tweaking variables. Hope it will be ready soon!

Release date / Early access

I don't have an exact date for release, but it will be in November. There are few things left to do, like adding SFX to the game (Philip the sound designer already made them).

It will be an early access, there will have just 2 difficulties for a start (easy and medium), next levels will come later.

Thanks for reading, have a good day! :slight_smile:


I'm very proud to share that Spike II, our first playdate game, is finally out!

It's a side-scrolling shooter using the crank as a shoot/reload mechanic.

Available on itch.io:
Spike II: The Great Emu War by Goloso Games

Use upgrades to make the game easier!

Spike II is released in Early Access

At the moment, a couple of things like hard mode aren't available yet. New enemies will also be added later. Right now, the game is fully playable in easy and medium mode. Tutorial is also included.

And for the ones who were into my previous game, Inspector Waffles, Spike and Waffles are living in the same universe, so we can call this new game a spin-off of Inspector Waffles: maybe they'll meet somewhere in a future game, who knows :wink:

Hope you'll enjoy it, that was fun to make a small game on this little new console.

Music by Philip Aldous: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7Geol1BLEGosEzhZnETjjS?si=dtn8BnkyTlydShYdWOcPGA...

Thanks for reading, have a good day everyone! :slight_smile: