Sprite follow a path

Hi, I wonder If It is possible that my Sprite follows a path I previously created with draw methods (drawline, drawarc...)
Would be great to pass to one animator the path anda then returns the current point.
Some idea how to do that?
Thanks so much

If you look in the SDK examples, there's one dedicated to animator that fits what you're looking for. It's in PlaydateSDK/Examples/Single File Examples/animator.lua. For example:

local arc = geo.arc.new(120, 40, 30, -95, 100)
local arcAnim = Animator.new(2000, arc)
arcAnim.repeatCount = 2
arcAnim.reverses = true

Screenshot from animator.lua


Oh, god, I am blind, thanks so much for the answer, that is exactly what I was looking for.