Standalone/offline version

A standalone offline version of Pulp would be really nice to have, for cases where you don't have an internet connection but still want to work on your game. I used to have very frequent problems with my internet connection, and if I were still having those nowadays I probably wouldn't be able to use Pulp super often.
I think if you want Pulp to be something that anyone can use to make something, that should include people without frequent internet access.

I also think that having a standalone version could help me, and potentially others, stay more focused on working on a project in it.
At least for me, having Pulp as just one of many tabs in my everyday web browser can make it easier to get distracted and lose focus or interest in what I'm working on. That's a way smaller thing though, as I could probably just open it in another browser window to try and help with that.

I understand Pulp is a pretty small-run thing, so if this is out of the scope of it that's alright. I figured it'd at least be worth making a thread about this here to see what others think.


Pulp mostly runs client-side -- the only things it relies on the server for are:

  • Saving projects to your Playdate account
  • Converting a Pulp JSON to a PDX

I'd also like to be able to run pulp where I don't have an internet connection, and then sync the files later when i get back to one. Is that possible?

I was thinking the same thing. I often will put my router into my closet when I want to focus but it's impossible if I'm working on a Pulp game. It would be great to have an offline standalone build!

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I wonder if it would be possible to convert the backend bits to web assembly so that everything can be done offline.

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Fatnose Games, the team behind Along Came A Spider and The Crank Gym, are actually working on something like this. Though I think it uses Lua scripting instead, but the layout is based on Pulp.

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I poked around with Pulp to see if it is possible to make an offline version, turns out it is.

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