Strugling to find the right price for my game

Hello everyone

I've spent the past 3 month remaking an old game from scratch and I'm strugling to find a good price for it. I was thinking about 2$ but I don't know if I'm underselling it or not.

For the context, it's a remake of Supaplex, an abandonware from the early 90's. I remade all sprites and program from scratch. The music is the original one (slightly modified) and the sounds are a missmatch of old sounds and some I purchased.
There are currently 10 levels but I aim to have 50 in the finished version (and adding more in future releases). Some levels come from the original game but a lot are (and will be) original to this game. I'd say 80% original.
The remake also have a rulebook and is translated to french and german.

Here are some snapshot :
Promo 1

Promo 7

Promo 3

Promo 4

Promo 6

What do you think ?


The game looks fun, and arcade-y, those are the games I tend toward buying on-site. $2 is fair, if not a little undersold. $5 seems like the threshold for games with some extra punch like detailed animations or a uniquely presented story.

The prices on Playdate games are low so it feels silly debating over a dollar or two, but alas here we are. This looks about as complex as Bomber Panda, which is $2.

I'd say what's original and what's copy unfortunately should not affect the price - To a player it is all just the game in front of them regardless of who designed it. Similarly, translations shouldn't up the price, since it's not more content for the average player but rather translations may increase your revenue by increasing your audience size.

Overall, looks fun and I'll pick it up whenever it hits the store at whatever price you settle on.


Looks great, love the animations.

I'd say $5

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Thanks for your advices ! I think I'll go with 3~4$

Make sure to do the calculations. At $3 after all deductions you'll receive about $1 per sale.

I love these games, takes me right back. Agree with $5 at least

So it’s sort of like Dig Dug or Mr. Do? Cool. (Was about to say β€œI dig it.”)

I say charge $5 and aim high.

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I don't mean to necro an old thread but put me in for another vote for $5.

Wow I used to love this game as a kid!!! Will buy it at any price for the play date but $5 sounds like a solid price IMO

Well I have to say, 5$ was definitely too much haha ! (at least for the people visiting the page)
After the first day and roughly 200 views, no one bought it so I reduced the price
But thanks all for your advices !

I've only just seen the game had launched.

Also, it doesn't seem to be listed on the new page just yet? So people will not yet be seeing it organically.

Anyway, I bought it for $5

Nice work!