StuntCopter for Playdate

This is my first game development.
A port of the classic Mac game by Duane Blehm.
There are still some differences from the original.


Available on
StuntCopter for Playdate by kurogedelic


Oh man. Old times! I think I actually sent in for a shareware key for one of his games and got the letter back from his parents that he’d passed away. Was real uncanny back when we didn’t have this global online community thing going.

Did you do the slower fall rate in the cloud? That was so goofy. That and the instant game over if you hit the horse.

Thank you for your comment!
I'm just played that on my father's collection, so I envy your experience.

I didn't notice the speed dropping in the clouds!
I plan to implement this in the next update.

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Careful, do too good a job and all the gen x kids will be asking you to bring back more of that crusty Mac shareware. Blehm’s ZeroGravity might actually play brilliantly with the accelerometer. Airborne would love the crank and Stella Obscura.. okay, maybe people don’t need to be taping cardboard stereoscopes to their Playdates.

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I haven't played it yet.
However, the stereoscopic approach is very interesting.
I could work on Blehm's Renaissance, but as an original game, I excited about the idea of bringing classic ideas to Playdate.
Do I need cardboard goggles?
It's like Nintendo-ism.

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