Sunday Law'd demo

First playdate game I made!!!! Old movie style I was going for. Reel1 of Sunday Lawd...
Submissions to Playdate Jam demo -

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Hey there! I tried out this game in emulator and unfortunately it crashed after I used the crank for a few seconds. Here is a screenshot, I hope it can help to debug the issue.

yes you helped me solve it!! please see if this new one works, it works for me on simulator...

Sunday Law'd REEL 1 by Game portal.... for Playdate Jam demo -

The game does not crash anymore, thank you! As for the game itself - using the crank to progress the movie is an interesting mechanic. One thing I noticed is that it is a little bit unclear how the crank or its speed actually translates to progress in the level. You kind of need to guess what speed you need to rotate it and hope it is right. Some kind of feedback that the player does the right thing along the way would help a lot.

great. i will try to incorporate your advice in future maybe a visual cue after they get right choice

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I tried this on hardware and couldn’t get past the countdown. Got it to 5, but then it just counted back up.

Hi I updated it shouldn't crash. Once you get past the count down crank slow and pause a bit lemme know it that helps thanks

Sunday Lawd playdate console game reel 1 - YouTube a quick demonstration so far... hope it helps

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