Support for crank being docked/undocked

  1. Describe your reason for requesting this feature. What problems are you running into?
    Similar to the SDK, i think have access to whether or not the crank is docked would help give pulp more I/O.
    An example would be an inventory/weapon select menu that only is present on screen when the crank is undocked & uses the crank.
  2. How would this request improve your experience with using Pulp?
    Would allow for more creativity and in my case, free up already limited screenspace from being used by UI.
  3. Include any other details you have relating to this request.
    Could be as simple as a "event.docked == 1 if it is docked, or 0 if undocked"

In the meantime, you could probably keep track of how long ago the last movement was with the crank event and event.frame, and set a timeout of a few seconds after no crank movement has been detected. I don't know what the actual crank feels like, but I imagine it would be pretty hard to not move it around accidentally unless it's docked, if you're holding the device in your hands.


Definitely a good solution without having access to if the crank is docked. Definitely still think this should be accessible in pulp though. playdate's whole thing is the crank, I feel like having access to as much info about it no matter being in pulp/sdk is important


Crank docking/undocking could be a serious game element.

I could imagine a ton of uses for it. Undock the crank to transform between mech and vehicle, getting on/off a horse, pop up a minigun turret, or to draw a sword (that you then hold at different heights using the crank).