Swap Machina - Puzzle like "Tetris Attack" or "Panel de Pon"

Here's a recreation of the classic SNES game "Tetris Attack" / "Panel de Pon." There are also lightning blocks, which are new.

Harspoon and I worked to improve the graphics and the feel of the game. Thank you Harspoon for the new blocks graphics and the drawing of the robot girl! And thank you to LittleWritingRabbit for the menu screen artwork.

New graphics:

Old graphics:



What a fantastic base you've made. It looks really functional.

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Nice look and feel and very nice lightning animations !

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Incredible work!!!!!

Harspoon, LittleWritingRabbit, and I have added new graphics. Check it out in the gif in the OP!

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Really cool - love the look of that menu screen!