System headphone output changes to mono when Simulator is running

(not sure if this is specific to my setup)

  1. Use Bluetooth headphones
  2. Listen to music eg, Apple Music on macOS
  3. Run Simulator


  • no change to audio


  1. as Simulator launches: audio dips
  2. when audio comes back it is mono, lower quality
  3. quit Simulator
  4. as Simulator quits: audio dips
  5. when audio comes back it is stereo, full quality
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This seems to have been a side effect of my input being set to Bluetooth mic.

I could also get the change to mono to happen by doing a screen recording with mic input audio, so not involving any Playdate SDK software at all.

I guess when the Simulator launches it somehow triggers mic input permissions?


  • set input to computer built-in mic