The ability to selectively ignore inputs rather than one "global" ignore

I have come up with multiple (hacky) workarounds to do this for some scenarios in my game, but it would make certain things work better, and eleminate some bugs, if this were a native option in pulp script.

What if instead of just ignore to ignore ALL player input, you could use something like ignoreDpad, ignoreA, ignoreB, or ignoreCrank?

I feel like it's still pretty intuitive and wouldn't be too complex to use within the scope of Pulp, but would open up A LOT of new options for game mechanics. The regular 'ignore' could even stay as-is, or become something like 'ignoreAll'.


This issue would also be solved if d-pad inputs did not automatically cause the player to walk. Then each input could just have e.g. "if ignorea=1 then done" at the beginning, for the same effect.

Not sure which would be more work for the Pulp devs, but dropping the automatic d-pad reaction would instantly change Pulp from a 2d adventure game tool to a general game design tool, without affecting usability for beginners/children (not meant derisively, outside pulpscript the basic Pulp tools seem well-designed for teaching kids).

Obviously if you read these forums enough you can work around the d-pad, but it's a ton of code with unclear effect on performance that is at risk of being broken by other fixes like the hacky workarounds described here.

Adding a config option like config.nomove would achieve this without the risk of new users inadvertently deleting movement from the dpad and getting stuck.

You could do something like
if config.nomove=1 then
hitting the dpad calls update and sets .dx and .dy to the appropriate value, but leaves the player sprite unaffected.