The Patch Tarot - An alpha playdate app for synth nerds

I've written a little app for synth nerds who need a bit of creative juice when making a new synth patch.

Use the crank to shuffle the deck of cards. The more you shuffle, the more the deck becomes uniquely yours! Press A to get a card from the deck. After 3 cards you'll be shown the list of your draws, and that will determine the kind of synth sound you must create!

Synthesizer not included.


The game looks really cool, I love this vibe!
Unfortunately, when I try to run the game on the emulator, I get this

EnoTape> index	1	total	1	
EnoTape> rate	1.344191	depth	0.005405476	
EnoTapeLoop> index	1	total	2	
EnoTapeLoop> rate	1.038736	depth	0.006015056	
EnoTapeLoop> index	2	total	2	
EnoTapeLoop> rate	1.3666	depth	0.00553541	
EnoTapeLoop> index	1	total	2	
EnoTapeLoop> rate	1.0993	depth	0.00534771	
eno.lua:54: This Eno Tape doesn't have a numeric index
stack traceback:
	[C]: in function 'assert'
	eno.lua:54: in method 'getRandomIndex'
	eno.lua:43: in field 'init'
	CoreLibs/object.lua:70: in global 'EnoTape'
	main.lua:309: in main chunk

P.S. This was fixed by disabling malloc pool in the simulator

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After hitting A then cranking just a bit I get a Lua error:

main.lua:214: bad argument #1 to 'remove' (position out of bounds)
stack traceback:
	[C]: in function 'table.remove'
	main.lua:214: in method 'overhandShuffle'
	main.lua:486: in method 'cranked'
	main.lua:579: in function <main.lua:579>

This is in the simulator, tried with both malloc pool on and off (and I'd be very surprised if malloc pool was causing the error). Happens every time. You're not getting this?

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Hmm. No. But I think I know the problem. Thanks for the report guys!

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Alright, A new version is up. Thanks for checking it out, and thanks for the bug report!

YES so into this. Only just downloaded but very excited to try​

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New version is up with a few misc bugfixes, better sound handling (everything isn't just a mush) and you can look at individual cards in the card list.

I hope you enjoy, and I'd love to hear if you make a synth patch using this!

I've finally got a physical device, and have fixed a few more bugs, and made a proper launch card. The new version of this is available here:

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