The Simorgh - A text adventure game

Hi everybody,

I'm happy to release today a new game for the Playdate, called "The Simorgh".

It is the adaptation of a game published in a French magazine of the 80s, itself inspired by a novel. The game is available in English and French.

Here are some screenshots:

The game is free and available here:

I don't have the chance to have a Playdate console yet, so I would appreciate feedbacks on real hardware, thanks!


That artwork looks really cool on Playdate! I'll be giving this a play soon...

Very slick! Progress gets saved (and can be reset) :+1: Art looks terrific and scrolls smoothly. Text is bold and readable, with slick little transitions. Lots of polish.

I discovered you can hold (A) to fast-forward the text. Nice touch!

A couple things you might not know without hardware:

• I see you added an update with music! But for a sideloaded app to properly update and replace the old version, you must increase the build number in pdxinfo. (Incrementing the visible "version number" too is user-friendly but not vital.)

• The launch card (in the Playdate main menu) is currently plain black. Adding a launch card image would be cool! Which is also done via pdxinfo.

(I looking forward to playing through the story... I still haven't had time for more than a quick look.)

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Thank you so much for your feedback, I will address all the issues you have found quickly.

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By the way, to test the full launch experience on the Simulator—launch card and all—you can "install" your .pdx by putting it into PlaydateSDK/Disk/Games. (You might then delete it if you're doing further work: I have a tendency to launch the old "installed" version by habit and then think I'm running the latest build!)

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Thanks for the tip, I didn't know it! I have just uploaded on a new version.

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This looks great! I love the illustration style.

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Confirmed: the new 1.1 download properly updates over the old version via sideload. Progress was preserved, and music plays! (AND it has a snazzy new launch card!)


love the look and vibe. the text looks great, not to mention the art.