[Theory] Psuedo-online

Currently, we can only access Wi-Fi in season games and the menu.

I had an idea, and while this is quite janky, it works(-ish)


  • Device creates a syncfile
  • Player plays game
  • Whatever they did is written to the syncfile
  • It's uploaded to the server, verified, signed, and then a new syncfile is created
  • Player downloads syncfile and puts it in the game folder
  • The game syncs data from the syncfile

Any feedback on this theory? I'll try and get a prototype that uses this out soon :wink:

You can make use of QR-codes in the sdk for exporting syncfiles

That sounds like a smart move!

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make it sonic! :raised_hands::rofl: - playdate no1 starts game and speakers play weird chirping souns. playdate no2 hears them sounds and parses em to receive the data from pd no1. (it sends back data the same way; through speakers) thus, both can communicate live and wirelessly. viola! you have fake wifi TX/RX.

Geekhunger: this actually sounds so cool! I'm tempted to make a module that uses this idea haha

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I'd love to see support for a turn-based API in the SDK. Would apply to a lot of games and would be great to see the little LED flash when your friend has made a new move in a game.

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As noted previously, you can make QR codes that go to a URL on a website. You could have it submit data to a web app using the URL/the query string. To prevent cheating/fake data, you can sign a JSON object or string of data with a hash.

That's what I do for BRAAAINS! (https://braaains.game) for the leaderboards. I'm going to do a tutorial/open source release soon to share my approach (though there are probably better ways).