Thy Dungeonman port for Playdate

It's here! The classic text adventure from Homestarrunner has been somewhat successfully brought into the new 1 bit era.
After seeing @Luthatron's thread about making a text adventure in Pulp, this is what instantly came to mind. And it was relatively easy, cause the game isn't that big, and all the options are pretty well documented. I tried to keep a few of the quirks in there, and since I don't personally have the will or power to include manual word input, you can still see some of the ways the game would respond to wrong inputs.
I'm not sure this is really worth pouring any more time into, or even making an itch page. Unless people think it is worth it? No idea. If I was going there, I might add music/sound/borders. But also, it's done! So enjoy! (45.5 KB)

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Amazing, great work i'll check this out and see if I can understand it!


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I will say, if you're gonna build your own game, I would recommend NOT doing what I did here haha. Pretty much all the code was in the player's draw and confirm events, which was doable cause this game is so short. What other people were saying in your thread is probably better for organizational purposes.