Tiny Mario fan game

I spent a bit of time making a small Mario fan game. It has a few features unlike the original. But all in all it's a showcase of how you can make platformers in a top-down engine. The file is right here:
Tiny mario fan game.zip (63.9 KB)


the file wont sideload to my playdate. tells me its "not a zip file"

It's a Pulp JSON file with the extension changed, apparently. You'll need to recompile it with Pulp yourself.

It works, you have to change it so it accepts all files.

amazing little game!

Sorry guys , im just a programming newb lurking in your dev forums. Thank you all

Its fine! Hope your able to figure it out, If not I can send you the file in the pulp format

Thank you for the feedback! I spent a while making the question mark blocks work.

This file throws an error when I try to side load it. It says not a valid .zip file. Can't even decompress it on my computer.

@Wheeties hurkwallop has a more in-depth explanation probably but it won't work because it is a json fiIe I changed to a zip file so you need to put it in the pulp website and download the file from there I think.

If you click "Download PDX" rather than "Export" in the pulp editor and share that zip file people will be able to load it directly onto their playdate :slight_smile:

Made a new and improved version. It should be less laggy
and should load to the playdate without issues, also if you are on desktop double click the file then you will get a playable pdx.
Tiny mario.zip (54.1 KB)



Really neat! Reminds me of the Game and Watch: Super Mario Bros. (Video Link) a bit.
Understandably, Pulp isn't a platformer engine. But this looks neat.
The few issues I have is sometimes I don't know whats what.
Pressing UP under a block actually makes you fall under the ground.
Only way to collect coins is by going into them from left and right, not up or down.
Continue the great work!

Thank you for the feedback! I actually have a game and watch, and in regards to the bug I wasn't able to fix it yet.

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Hi again. I made a new update with a small change. The main change is a secret level, see if you can find it:
Tiny mario.zip (58.8 KB)

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Fixed a bug that made the secret level hard to find:
Tiny mario.zip (58.9 KB)

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