Tip: Option-click or Control-click the screenshot button in the Simulator to Copy to Clipboard

No more desktop littered with PNGs you're taking into Photoshop! I'm not sure this is documented anywhere... but I was very happy to stumble across it.

Good old Mac Option key. It's always the $20 bill you never knew was in your sofa cushions all along.


+1 to this request

I'd love a "copy screenshot to clipboard" menu option as well.

No request needed: the feature is already there! (By ctrl/option-click.)

It would be more discoverable in the menu, though. (I wouldn't say no to a keyboard shortcut either.)

Is it Alt- (Windows) or Option-Click (Mac)? Or what was the discovered hotkey :grimacing:

Option-click the screenshot button (looks like a camera) on Mac.

I would guess that the equivalent on other platforms is alt-click, but if anyone discovers it's something else, let us know for future reference!

(You can tell if you have the right key without even clicking: holding Option makes the camera change to a clipboard icon, ready to be clicked.)

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Brilliant. Thanks! That worked for me :slight_smile:

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It's Ctrl on Windows

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Great! If anyone can verify the key on Linux, let us know!

Also control on Linux. :slight_smile: