TOASTED - An RPG where Ted navigates a dreamworld to find his way back to reality

Hey everyone,

welcome to the development log for "TOASTED" a chill, trippy adventure like no other.

Imagine this:
You, the player, after a wild twist while powering up a yellow Playdate console, suddenly find yourself transformed into Ted, a slice of toast, in a totally bonkers dream world. "TOASTED" is an RPG where you, as Ted, navigate through this whacky dreamscape, trying to find your way back to reality.

But it's not just about getting back, it's about the journey. :sparkles:

In this dream world, you'll meet a bunch of quirky characters, tackle some brain-teasing puzzles, and square off against some seriously nasty mold spores (yuck, right?). So, if you're ready to dive into a world where gaming collides with the bizarre, keep an eye on this log. I'll keep you posted with all the crunchy details as I develop this toast-tastic game! :bread:

Toasted_Launcher Card (Animated)

just dropped a fresh batch of screenshots for you! Wrapped up slotting in all the scenes today and took 'em for a spin on the Playdate. It's like watching your bread turn that perfect shade of gold in the toaster – satisfying as heck. Take a peek at these pixels and let me know what you think. This little machine and I are cooking up something real special!

Keep it crispy! :bread:

Thumbnail v0.5

bar v0.5

ramenXpyra v0.5


Ohhhh, this looks amazing!!

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Great graphics! I wish I were as artistically inclined as you.

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