Touch-ups of sprite sheet (1-bit pixel art)

You might have seen the Crazy Gravity game I'm working on.

It's sprite sheet is a mostly auto-dithered version of a color version of the game. The result could do with some improvement.
In this example, you can see some stray pixels while the plane is rotating:

I'm looking for a pixel artist to touch-up that spritesheet. There is no budget at the moment, but I could help out with some lua coding challenges you might have.
No commercial plans for the project at this moment, but who knows what will happen in future playdate Season / Store developments :slight_smile: If you want to know more about an entirely hypothetical revenue split, let's talk in private.

The original color spritesheet is available for those interested.
The current dithered spritesheet is available at GitHub

Since the entire game can be downloaded from GitHub, you will be able to test-drive your results in the actual game as you work.

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@matt Reached out to help via DM. Great!