now works on Windows 🎉

With the release of version 1.13.5 of the SDK, I'm happy to report that now works fine on Windows too! is a package manager for the Playdate SDK which lets you use Lua, C or asset libraries quickly and easily. It handles versioning and dependencies and also supports merging Luacheck stds into your project if a library you use provides one.

For library creators it lets people easily integrate your library into their project, with just one command line call and one include in their code, and automatically receive updates when you provide those. You can share code or assets (fonts, for example) or both.

There are already great toyboxes for particles, UI, physics, Image Compression, debugging, Animation, Level Import, etc...etc...

You can find out more info here. Github repo for the project is here. Feel free to reach out if you need any help of have any questions.