Triggering Bump/Interact when automating a player move

I'm thinking that interact and bump only trigger when a user actively moves a player (via d-pad or other control).

I have a player moving automatically. I'm incrementing x,y coordinates via variables and then using goto with those variables (in a loop). I expected when the x,y I sent the player to was on a solid tile they would bump with that tile but it doesn't seem to trigger that event.

  1. should I be using something besides goto x, y in order to move the player?
  2. should I be using something besides bump or interact to trigger consequences?
    I've got an on bump on the player, calling consequences that are defined differently on different tile types.

Sample scenario to help explain:
Player is in an innertube floating down a river via its current. If player floats into a branch, the innertube pops. If player hits a rock, the player stops moving. Otherwise the player keeps moving.

Before moving the player you can use target_name = name newX,newY to get the name of the tile they are about to move onto. If it’s one of your threat tiles, don’t move the player and instead manually call the appropriate event handler like so:

tell newX,newY to
    call “interact” // or "bump"

Ah thanks! I had a previous version of this question where I was asking if I could identify a tile name and do a series of ifs but thought that was less likely. This will work great.