Trying out Pulp with a mini Bomberman clone

For my first foray into Pulp I decided to replicate the mechanics of a well known tile based arcade game. I just watched SquidGodDev's excellent videos and jumped right into it.

It's pretty basic with just a single room in which you have to destroy the enemies as fast as possible. But the core mechanics of the explosions and wall destruction is here, along with a few power-ups (extra bombs, extra power). Enemies just walk around horizontally waiting to be grilled (or to stomp an unadvised player).


I tried implementing chain reactions with explosions too, it's not perfect (first reaction has a delay due to the timer implementation) and probably buggy but a good tradeoff between complexity and result.


I threw in a few minimalist sound effects to wrap it up because it's so easy (although I wish I could just live record using the keyboard? did I miss that button?).

Could be improved with additional power ups (one that makes the player faster would be super easy), maybe levels with doors or procedurally generating levels. And making the enemies move vertically for a change.

Here's the source, with a few comments if anyone wants to look at it: (5.8 KB)

And the .pdx (36.6 KB)

Couple of issues I found:

  • Switching between sound effects set to different bpm doesn't apply the corresponding bpm in the player (it shows the correct value but doesn't play it that way).
  • Calling wait right after playing a sound seems to cause issues? When the player dies I freeze the game with a wait for one sec before calling fin. The sound effect for dying could not play correctly (first note glitch-looping for the duration of the wait) unless I trigger it after the wait time. But it could also not be related to wait because I get that same glitch if I use a custom custom timer instead (ie play the sfx, set a variable, wait for n frames in the game's loop then call fin).

This looks great so far! Good stuff, and nice use of screen shake. Would love to see kickable bombs next as a power-up!

I've seen some oddness using custom timers instead of wait (when trying to call ignore and listen), wait was more reliable in that case. Sounds like your bug might be more specific to sfx though.

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plays just fine on the device!