Turn off mic listening in Simulator when mic isn't being used by the SDK

Not the biggest deal but... I keep my various projects open all the time—including Playdate work with the Simulator—and (on Mac) there's a perpetual orange dot in the corner of the screen to warn that Playdate Simulator is listening full-time to the Mac's mic.

Privacy aside, that's annoying when watching movies—and might prevent users from catching OTHER, less-trusted apps accessing the mic! So I try to remember to Quit the Simulator... but I always forget and have to stop the movie.

It would be great if the Simulator didn't listen to the host computer mic when not needed.

Or, a simple toggle (a permanently-remembered setting) for mic use would do the trick! It could be Off by default, since few games use the mic,

(If it's not practical to disable host computer mic at all when the Playdate's OS is running, then maybe it could be active only when the virtual Playdate is unlocked? Locking is still an extra step to remember to do, but it would leave your running game in its recent state, which a full Quit does not.)

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Sorry for the troubles, this is a regression due to the way Audio Units work and it should not be triggering mic use (we aren't getting mic data until the mic is actually in use). We are tracking this bug already and hope to have it fixed soon. Thanks for the report.


This is fixed in the 2.0 SDK.