Typo in Launcher.pdx/main.pdz/contentWarning.lua

Hi there!
I really don't know where to put this discussion, but feel free to give me tips.

I just successfully decompiled the system apps provided with the SDK (v1.12.3) for the Simulator and patched unluac to work with Playdate's non-standard Lua bytecode.

I was going through the decompiled Lua code to see if everything worked when I noticed a typo in the script handling content warnings in Launcher.pdx: one of the functions' names was spelled animateWanringClose.

It's a local function, so it shouldn't have far-reaching implications, and it's called only once in the file.
(It just bothers me that it's spelled incorrectly.)

I've attached the output from unluac.jar. How did my patched version do at getting close to the original?

contentWarning.lua.zip (2.0 KB)

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