Unable to grant microphone access for Simulator macOS 13.1

When I open the Playdate Simulator on macOS 13.1 and go to Settings > System > Input Test, macOS says, "Microphone access has been disabled for the Playdate Simulator. You may enable microphone access in the Security & Privacy System Preferences."

When I then go to System Settings > Privacy & Security > Microphone, the Playdate Simulator is not even an option to be enabled. How can I get it to show up here so that I can grant it the microphone privileges?

Do you need to scroll down, maybe? I'm still on Monterey, but I get the same message if I refuse access to the mic when I run Input Test, and here's what my System Prefs look like:

I'm not really sure what happened, I just went through and tried it again but this time it went through. I think it had something to do with me moving the playdate simulator out of its original folder the first time, which I've then corrected? Thanks anyways!

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