Unexpected behaviour when more than one build of a game on device


I had two builds of my game on there

  • old one from 1.0.8 as dailydriver.pdx
  • new one from 1.1.0 as Daily Driver.pdx

Both have bundleID=com.gingerbeardman.dailydriver

(change in pdx filename seems to be from a change in pdc at some point?)

1. Only one build shows in Launcher

  • Only one build (old build in my case) shows in Launcher
  • Prior to 1.2.0 both old and new build were shown in Launcher.

2. Upload & Run to Device from Simulator fails

Anyway, uploading to device from Simulator fails (stuck at “Running…”) in this instance. I guess it does not know which pdx to launch?

So I moved dailydriver.pdx up a directory level, and trying again to upload&run from Simulator the old build was the one that was launched (with a “too old” error).

Deleting the old build completely meant that upload&run launched the correct/current build.

Prior to 1.2.0 there was no such problem.

Hoping to get a fix for this into 1.3, or if not the next release after that!

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